Welcome to ODS Sampling & Analytical Systems

As an independent system integrator of Sampling Systems and Analyzer Systems ODS B.V. offers the unique combination of expertise in analyzer techniques, analytical methods,  mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and process automation. Together with our application knowledge and international service capabilities, we offer you the best possible technical and commercial turnkey sampling and analyzer system solutions. 

Our Expertise

ODS Sampling and Analytical Systems is specialist in the design, construction and start-up of on-line analyser systems for monitoring the water quality of pure water, boiler feed water, return condensate water, steam condensate, cooling water, storm water, process water and waste water.

ODS Sampling & Analytical Systems has built and started-up a variety of analyzer projects with use of on-line process analysers such as: Total Carbon analysers  (TC), Total Organic Carbon analysers (TOC), Total Oxygen Demand Analysers (TOD), Chemcial Oxygen Demand Analysers (COD), Biological Oxygen Demand Analysers (BOD), Total Organic Nitrogen Analysers (TNb or TONb), UV-fluorescence oil-in-water analyzers. We also offer analyser projects where we use in-line analysers such as: pH-analysers, conductivity analysers, total suspended solids analysers (TSS) , turbidity analysers , dissolved oxygen (DO) , oil detectors end mineral oil in water analysers etc.

We design and built  complete analyser shelters and analyser houses including piping, sample take off, sample conditioning, multi stream selectors, air treaters, power distribution, utilities etc. 

All products and systems are supported by a well equipped international service organisation.

ODS B.V. is an ISO certified company which employees 525 people and has a turnover around over 300 million Euros. Our main office is located at Barendrecht near Rotterdam in The Netherlands.